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Jesus is Lord

That simple declaration, simplistic in its declarative form, is profound. It says in spite of Sept. 11 or Sept. 12, Christ is still on the throne; that Christ didn't suddenly take a siesta and allow the devil to run wild-not be any stretch of the imagination.

Jesus is in vogue today. Yesterday? Well, yesterday His name alone made some flinch with embarrassment, or cringe with disdain. However, that was then, this is now. And, now is the only thing that matters.

The madness of Sept. 11 has shaken the very foundation of our being. Suddenly, movie stars, rap artists who've become the darlings of the younger set are unashamedly displaying outward signs of trepidation. Not to worry, that's good. Many of them need to know that money does one thing and one thing only. It doesn't make you smart or fearless. It just helps you to pay the bills on time.

Truth be told, as quiet as it's kept, the people of God are just as frightened as the so-called heathen. What's wrong with this picture? Nothing. Gideon wasn't exactly the epitome of intrepidation when the Lord chose him to lead the fight against the Midianites. So, no one, neither the heathen nor the saint should feel compelled to apologize for feeling a tad uneasy concerning the recent event that has rocked our world. It's terrible.

However, Jesus is Lord. And, because this is an irrefutable fact, we're in the Master's hands. It's a win-win situation for the believer.

There are countless surveys reminding the public-at-large about the so-called fastest growing religions in the world. And, Christianity is seldom on the top 10 lists, much to my chagrin. Be that as it may…Jesus is Lord!

NO, the World Trade Centers disaster, the plummeting of the Pentagon and the deaths of those stalwart souls on the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania weren't targeted by God to die in such a dastardly manner. But since it had to be, rest assured that God Himself will get the glory from this maniacal madness. After all, Jesus is Lord.

I don't know what's ahead of us, but I don know who's the head of us. It's Jesus. And, Jesus is Lord.

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