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Rev. Theresa Nance

Rev. Theresa Nance

Theresa Nance is an ordained minister and pastor of The Theresa Nance Ministries, Inc., an outreach ministry. She also is senior pastor of The Church by the Side of the Road, located in the city of Passaic, NJ, with a fledgling outreach ministry in the Township of Willingboro, NJ.

Rev. Nance is a former columnist at “The Herald News,” and currently writes a column for The Positive Community and is the founder of a monthly newsletter titled, “BREVITY.”

She was the first woman to head the Chief Chaplaincy position at the Passaic County Jail, in the city of Paterson, NJ., and from that experience established an outreach support system for women released from the penal system.A former adjunct professor at Passaic County Community College, Theresa is the mother of two children and the grandmother of a darling little girl, named Leah. She has been a social activist for more than 30 years and continues to serve in that capacity.


In the 1990s, Rev. Nance entered a nationwide contest sponsored by “The Chicago Sun-Times” to replace well-known advice columnist Ann Landers and was one of 22 finalists in a field of 12,000.

She produced a documentary titled, “A Story Seldom Told,” in 2000, depicting the lives of a group of women housed at the Passaic County Jail. Excerpts were shown on “The 700 Club.” And, Rev. Nance was profiled in “The Record” and “The New Jersey Edition of “The New York Times” regarding the film.

A Story Seldom Told” was shown at the African Diaspora New York Film Festival and another film festival sponsored by The New York chapter of The Links.

She, and two women from that documentary, have made presentations to audiences at Sarah Lawrence College, the Felician College, Montclair State University, and also on local cable television channels.

Recently, she produced another documentary titled, “Racism and Music and Its Affect on the Black Experience 1950s-1960s".

Because Rev. Nance is the former coordinator of a mentoring program for the Office weaves in and out of the creative and academic communities, she also served s a coordinator of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Program out of Washington, D.C., which was designed to help at-risk students connect with mentors who would assist them in both their life skills and academic skills.

Her future desire is to produce a film on the life of Academy Award winner Hattie McDaniel, the first African-American to win a supporting actress Oscar for the film, “Gone With The Wind.”

Rev. Nance and her congregation formerly adopted a group home inundated with African American teenage boys as a way of trying to stem the psychological and emotional damage inflicted upon these youngster through negative life experiences.

She has been the recipient of numerous awards and citations and is grateful that she can serve humanity through God's help and her dogged determination.


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