The Church by the Side of the Road, Allwood Rd., PO Box 681, Clifton, NJ 07012
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Archive of the June 29th 2013
Praise and Worship Ceremony at VK Media Studios

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"A Story Seldom Told"
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Fridays 1:30pm Harvest Radio Streamed Live on the Internet

Commentary's by Rev. Theresa Nance

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The Positive Community Hour
Mondays from 1:00 p.m. to 2 p.m. Tune in to Harvest Radio, 1070AM,
Harvest Global Network Hosted by Rev. Theresa Nance


Jesus Is Lord
A message from Rev. Nance


This is who we are: An outreach ministries/church for those too fed up with
Satan's devices to care who knows they're hurting.

This is what we offer: The word of the living God.
Anger management retreats for both male and female alike; for youngsters 9 thru 19.

There is a support group titled, MADA (Mothers Against Drug Addiction...Who
Take Action).

Rev. Theresa Nance herself conducts myriad seminars/workshops and speaks
regularly in the metropolitan area on topics that range from secular to
non-secular issues. The film produced by Rev. Nance titled, "A Story Seldom
was chosen to be showcased at the 2001 African Diaspora
Film Festival.

Support groups for individuals and family members who have loved ones behind
bars. Field trips for youngsters who have parents incarcerated. Youngsters
must be accompanied by an adult.

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